Bit Button (Video) – A comedy channel covering media and popular culture (ACTIVE).


Valley of Love (Comic) – A closeted gay teen falls for his straight friend at a Christian summer camp. Will their friendship and faith hold up under pressure?
Love Keeps Saving The Day (Theatre) – A cabaret / storytelling show about spirits, LSD, and disco.
QueerProv Graphics (Graphic design) – Images made during my time as QueerProv’s social media director.
Ghosts Posters (Graphic Design) – Posters for UBC Player’s Club production of Ghosts in Nov ’18.
One Finger Death Punch 2 Collab Entry (Animation) – For a Hyun’s Dojo competition, sponsored by the same-named video game available now on Steam.
Backgrounds Collection (Art) – Some background art from a few different projects.
Pacific Contracting Caricatures (Art) – Created at a holiday party.
Game Grumps: Fake Laughter Compilation (Animation) – Edited compilation of fake laughs from a ton of episodes of Game Grumps. (Strong language)
Life drawings – Compiled from college art classes.
Gooey Stick Fight (Animation) – Featuring some animators from the ShiftLimits community named Jordi, Tommy, David K, Max, and Phil.
Shock More (Animation) – Tribute to the fighting series by Terkoiz.
Loaded Save (Comic) – Conscious computer programs try to revolutionize their society. Featuring a revamped Mr. Pix!
Rocky Horror Show (Theatre) – Played a phantom in this production by Alchemy Theatre.
QueerProv website design (Web design) – Made for the queer+ comedy troupe based in Vancouver.
The Oral Tradition (Podcast) – Discussions about queer+ film with Jordy Matheson.
VanCAF Social Media posts (Graphic design) – Slides for promo of 2019’s Vancouver Comic Artist Fest!
Game Grumps: Buzzfeed Nonsense (Animation) – For Game Grumps, part of their fan animation series featured on their channel. (Strong language)
Thinking & Monkey Mind (Animation) – Short essay about the importance of focus.
Game Grumps: “Oh it’s BUMPY GUMP!” (Animation) – Some early jokes from Game Grumps about weird names of villains in Kirby Super Star.
Game Feels: Nostalgia in Shovel Knight & Mario) (Multimedia) – Discusses whether nostalgia can be manufactured when a game is made in a deliberately retro style.
Facebook’s 12 Biggest Fails (Animation) – About big mistakes Facebook has made over the years.
Stillwood Sketch Collection (Video) – Created during summers of video work for Stillwood camp.

2005-2010 (early stuff)

Mr. Pix vs ALFA
Escape – One of my earliest stick figure animations.
Old DeviantArt gallery – @senorbarjo
Even older DeviantArt gallery – @cool-but-psycho3142
Mr. Pix vs Oreo
Mr. Pix vs Fox n Q
GEO – My first webcomic featuring geometric shapes as the main characters, gigantic pets, sentient pennies, and interdimensional travel.